Authorized AEV Jeep Dealer near Baltimore, MD

Adams Jeep of Maryland is proud to be an Authorized AEV Dealer!  We can now fully install AEV parts and products and also have Wranglers factory ordered and sent to AEV for our customers! 

Please call us at
(877) 548-3609 to order your AEV wrangler or have AEV parts installed onto your Jeep! Adams Jeep also makes our own AEV Jeeps called the "Expedition". Call Keith for details on how you can order or build your new Jeep!
Packages Sold By AEV

  2" Spacer Lift and
33" BFGoodrich tires

DualSport XT 2.5" Suspension
35" BFGoodrich Mud Terrain Tires

DualSport SC 3.5" Suspension or 4.5"DualSport SC 3.5
35" BFGoodrich Mud Terrain Tires

Other Products Made By AEV Sold Here at Adams Jeep of Maryland!

What is AEV? This is an amazing detailed description of the company taken straight from their Facebook page...

For more than 15 years, American Expedition Vehicles has been on the cutting edge of the 4WD industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. Our goal is simple: to provide the highest quality Jeep Wrangler accessories available anywhere in the world, period. We're not a wheel company making hundreds of different designs or a suspension company making products for twenty diffe
rent vehicles. Quite simply, AEV is a Jeep Wrangler company.

The advantage? At AEV, our parts are not only designed specifically to fit the Wrangler, but are also designed to work in concert with each other, both in fit and function. Building a Jeep up with parts from many different manufactures often results in conflicts, and a sum not greater than its parts. But an AEV Wheel is designed to work with an AEV Suspension and AEV Bumpers, the Snorkel designed to work with the Hood. Whether you're looking for your first accessory or interested in a turn-key AEV vehicle, we are confident that you'll feel you've made the right long term decision.

We pride ourselves on creating accessories that excel in off-road and overland expedition situations, while never compromising on road handling, safety or comfort. We strive to bring OE (Original Equipment)-level design, engineering and manufacturing to the aftermarket, and in fact, many of our employees once worked at Jeep in various engineering positions. We work closely with Jeep on both show cars and special edition versions, like the "Call of Duty" edition that came direct from the factory with our Front and Rear Bumpers and a special version of our stamped steel Hood.

You might expect this level of professional design, engineering, testing, and manufacturing to result in a premium price, and you'd be right. We are never going to compete on price with mass market brands that are built overseas, and that's okay with us. There are plenty of low cost options out there, but AEV customers recognize that the quality, function, and longevity of our products provide great value, despite the higher initial cost. Many of our customers have already tried the lower end brands and now realize that they would rather build their Jeep once and enjoy using it rather than working on their Jeep every weekend, fixing or replacing parts.

AEV was founded in Montana where conditions are tough and vehicles need to be dependable, and to this day all AEV parts are conceptualized, designed and tested in Missoula, MT. However, with the goal of manufacturing the highest quality parts in the automotive industry, there was only one natural fit: Detroit, MI. In 2006, AEV expanded into Detroit, and established an office, vehicle build facility and warehouse there. Today, over 90% of our products are made within 200 miles of Detroit, and AEV is strongly committed to quality American manufacturing. We put our hearts into what we do because we believe in the final products, and we think you will too.

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SOLD! 6.4L Hemi JK350

SOLD! JK250 Rubicon! Contgrats to the Herren Family!

SOLD! JK250 Rubicon! Thanks Dave!



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